Viking hats have been worn for centuries, from the first Vikings more than 1200 years ago to make-believe Vikings roaming the land today. The following post will show you how to make a viking hat that will leave the rest of your clan jealous! This hat is the perfect accessory for a Viking themed party, a rainy day craft with the kids, or a variety of performances at home or at school. The Viking hat template that we will be using for this tutorial is designed to fit heads and imaginations of all sizes.

Creating your paper hat takes 4 easy steps, and you’re going to need to gather a couple of common craft tools before we begin…

Craft tools to keep handy:

How to make a viking helmet

  • A rubber cutting mat (you can use a piece of cardboard too!)
  • An Exacto blade, box cutter, or a pair of sharp scissors
  • Tape or glue


STEP 1. Download our paper Viking Hat Template!

How to make a viking hemlet

Finding a good quality Viking hat template online is hard, which is why we made our own! Our template is easy to assemble, striking to look at, and fun to wear. The great thing about using this template is that it’s much cheaper than buying a real viking costume hat and you can make as many as you’d like! Our printable Viking Hat template includes two versions to choose from. The first version is full color ( with realistic graphics ) and is ready to wear immediately. The second version is a black and white version that creative kids ( or adults ) can color in themselves. Both template options are easy to make and will fit all head sizes.
DOWNLOAD Viking Helmet Template

Step 2. Print Your Hat Template!

How to make a viking hat
After you download your template, you’ll need to print it out. Here are some useful tips for printing:

1. Align your 8.5×11  paper properly in the paper tray.
2. Double check that all your ink levels are high enough.
3. Use slightly thicker computer paper (e.g., cardstock) to create a sturdier hat.
4. Print the hat at 100% scale for an adult size. If you are printing the hat for a small child, we suggest printing the hat at 80%.
5. Get it printed at a professional printing service (e.g., Staples) for even better quality than your home printer.

Step 3. Cut Out Your Hat!

how to make a viking helmet

Follow these tips to get the best result:

1. Place the design on a craft cutting mat or a large piece of cardboard.
2. Cut out the template on the floor or on a safe surface. To avoid injuries or accidents, do not cut it on your lap (safety first!).
3. Use an Exacto knife, sharp scissors, or a box cutter to perfectly trace the outline of the design and get the cleanest lines.
4. Be sure to remove the entire background of the sheet of paper by closely following the outline of the Viking hat design.

Step 4. Build your Viking Hat

How to make a viking helmet
How to make a viking hat

After you cut out your hat, use tape or glue to assemble the hat. You will simply need to attach the paper strap to both sides of the hat and tape or glue it shut. This step works best if you measure the exact size while the hat is on the little Viking’s head.

Step 5. Wear Your Hat And Enjoy!

You did it! Now you can spend hours enjoying your hat for dress-up, performances, holidays, and more!

Bonus Tip: Design a Homemade Viking Costume!

Now that you’ve assembled your paper Viking hat, it’s time to add a matching costume. The great news is that you can use items and clothing found around your home! First off, gather any fake armor, toy swords, and faux fur you can find. You can use the fur as a scarf, vest, or even to adorn your “Viking shoes.” Remember: Vikings live in very cold climates, so you’ll want to bundle up for your adventures as a make-believe Viking. Next, find brown or tan clothing, including belts and shoes.

Believe it or not, that’s all you’ll need. You can put your outfit together in any way you think a Viking might wear it. Hint: you can use pieces of leftover fabric or rope to make fun Viking bracelets. Just gently wrap the pieces around your wrist and tie them in a bow (or a sailors knot if you’re a nautical expert). Layer on weather-appropriate clothing, add on some fur, grab your toy weapons, and get ready for a day as a Viking!

Leave a comment below with questions, comments, or more fun reasons to wear a Viking hat!

How to Make a Viking Helmet in 5 easy steps!

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